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I mix glass and soil to make my work. The two are different materials, but they react with each other in the kiln over a long period of time with enormous energy and come out of the kiln as one form. I'm always creating something new, searching for each of the attractive expressions that the material itself originally has.

I like the expression and texture of the materials that come out by combining the two materials. The glittering look of the glass. Matte texture of soil. Somewhere in the strength of the material itself, it has a calming atmosphere. I have such a mysterious impression from this material.

I make it every day aiming for a shape that conveys the charm of the wonderful material most.

I am making works where I can feel the "energy" from the decaying appearance, the traces that existed there, and other new life forms.

By looking at my work, I would like you to be interested in things that have "life" around you, such as plants and animals. And I hope it will be an opportunity to reconfirm that we are surrounded by many lives and are living while being involved.

I often get inspiration from things and things around me. I interpret the impressions and feelings I had when I saw something, and the things that inspired me to think, and replace them with works. By doing so, I think that the "energy" that I felt from there will be felt in my work.


冨井 弥樹
1997 山形生まれ
2020 秋田公立美術大学 ものづくりデザイン専攻 卒業
2022 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科工芸専攻ガラス造形研究所 卒業 
現在   瀬戸市新世紀工芸館ガラスコース 在籍

Miki Tomii
1997 Born in Yamagata
2020 Graduated from Akita University of Art Glass Course
2022 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Graduate Institute of Glass Art student
Currently enrolled in the Seto City New Century Craft Museum Glass Course


2019 専攻展覧会「#もてなし」 秋田

2019 グループ展「半ば」 秋田

2019 グループ展「3ten.」 秋田

2020 卒業・修了展「ブルーオーシャンビュー」 秋田

2020 藝大アートプラザ猫展 東京

2021 第15回藝大アートプラザ大賞展 東京

2021 第14回ガラス教育機関合同作品展 /東京都美術館 上野

2021 「ART POINT Selection III」グループ展 /GALLERY ART POINT ・銀座

2021 「A-TOM ART AWARD」グループ展  /コートヤードHIROO・広尾

2021   Stanislav Libensky award  グループ展/Prague Castle・チェコ

2021  ミニアート展 グループ展/gallery2511・千代田

2021 3331 Art Fair/3331 Art Chiyoda ・千代田

2021  融合 個展/プラスノーション・銀座

2021  ワンピース倶楽部展vol.14「はじめてかもしれない」/3331 Art Chiyoda ・千代田

2021-2022 BREAK THE WALL /Break ステーションギャラリー・上野

2022  第70回東京藝術大学卒業・修了作品展 /東京藝術大学大学美術館・上野

2022 第15回ガラス教育機関合同作品展 /東京都美術館・上野

2022  ARTS MEET OKITAMA 2022 / よねざわ市民ギャラリー・山形


2022  夏のガラス展/綱具屋SETOre・瀬戸

2022 Diffracting seeds 個展/富山県立美術館3F BiBiBi&JURULi・富山

2019 Major Exhibition "#Hospitality" Akita
2019 Group Exhibition "Nakaba" Akita
2019 Group Exhibition "3ten." Akita
2020 Graduation / Completion Exhibition "Blue Ocean View" Akita
2020 Geidai Art Plaza Cat Exhibition Tokyo
2021 15th Geidai Art Plaza Grand Prize Exhibition Tokyo

2021  14th Glass Education Institutions Joint Exhibition / Tokyo

2021 "Art Point Selection III" Group Exhibition / Gallery Art Point ・Tokyo Ginza

2021 "A-TOMART AWARD" Group Exhibition / Courtyard HIROO ・Tokyo Hiroo

2021 Stanislav Libensky Award Group Exhibition / Prague Castle・Czech Republic

2021 Mini Art Exhibition Group Exhibition / gallery2511・Tokyo Chiyoda

2021 3331 Art Fair/3331 Art Chiyoda ・Tokyo Chiyoda
2021 Fusion Solo Exhibition / Plus Note /・Tokyo Ginza
2021 One Piece Club Exhibition vol.14 "Maybe it's your first time" / 3331 Art Chiyoda ・Tokyo Chiyoda

021-2022 BREAK THE WALL / Break Station Gallery Ueno

2022 70th Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation / Completion Exhibition / Tokyo University of the Arts University Museum, Ueno

2022 15th Glass Educational Institution Joint Exhibition / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno

2022 ARTS MEET OKITAMA 2022 / Yonezawa Citizen's Gallery Yamagata


2022 Summer Glass Exhibition / Tsunaguya SETOre / Seto

2022 Diffracting seeds solo exhibition / Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art 3F BiBiBi & JURULi / Toyama

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